Searching for pokemon go cheats

It`s absolutely true that many players have been going in and doing an extensive research on the pokemon go cheats simply because they want to be ahead in the competition of pokemon catching frenzy and they want to catch a large number of pokemons in the least time. This has got more players to look for pokemon cheats. But the plain truth is that there aren`t genuine and absolutely working cheats for the game because the makers have been keeping a close watch on the cheats and hacks being evolved by different pokemon addicts and rival coders so that they crack the base of the game and the players use it to catch the pokemons. This was the sole reason why there was shunning down of the app Niantic which was an application being devised by the coders to simply get the pokemon game easier for the players. The same fate was met by apps such as Pokevision, Smart poke, Skiplagged.  But still some apps are working which is giving an assistance to the players.

The point is that by using the cheats there are two disadvantages which are quite evident. Firstly the players who are using the cheats would have an undue advantage over the ones not using it. so the makers by banning such apps make sure that no player gets injustice. Second what most of the players realize is that by using the cheats of any game whether it is a pokemon go or any game they are spoiling their thrill and overall entertainment of the game. but besides there have been certain hacks and tricks that would be helpful to a player in enhancing his game:

  • Parking lots– it has been recently found that there are large numbers of pokemons available in parking lots where players generally don’t go for. It`s true that they are most probably seen in open areas like the parks but still there have been instances where a  pokemon go player has ended up catching numerous pokemons in a parking lot.
  • Parks– in order to catch large number of pokemons make sure you switch on your radar next time when you are in a park with your family. Pokemon players would get a treat of players while they are in the parks searching for the pokemon and there is an abundance of pokeballs too to get the pokemon faster
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Free iTunes! Myth Or True

ITunes codes are available, but “free” is a relative term. They are most commonly acquired as “rewards” when you complete certain actions such as a survey or by using an app. Completing online surveys is the most popular activity to offer reward points in exchange for your participation, those points can then be exchanged for a variety of gift cards – iTunes among them.

For example, Quick Thoughts (only available on mobile devices) rewards you one dollar per survey you complete. When you have accumulated a minimum of $10 you can redeem them for an iTunes code. There are other, more popular survey sites, and almost all of them offer iTunes gift cards as rewards. It’s easy money, but it isn’t always quick — weeks can pass between surveys, so this is by no stretch of the imagination steady income. But, if you have some spare time during the day, it can be a good way to spend it.

There are other ways you can get free iTunes codes which don’t involve taking a survey, such as following the company on Facebook, signing into MyPoints, or writing an article in FeaturePoints. Starbucks offers a new free app or song every week when you sign up for a Starbucks reward card and use their app. There’s also a free app, song, or book available in their stores each week.

The website allows users to get free iTunes codes by simply referring their colleagues and friends, with each referral earning you 1 point. You can share your referral link on twitter, Facebook, forums, and blogs and if you’re really dedicated, on a YouTube video. is another good resource for new offers and iTunes rewards.

Please remember none of these websites or offers have been confirmed by the author, although all the information included has come from reliable sources, so be sure to read the fine print.

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4 of the Best Xbox Live Games for 2016

So you have availed the Free Xbox Live Codes and have already got your membership redeemed? Great!

Now you can pick out your favorite games from Microsoft’s online store and get gaming right away. The Xbox Live promises gamers a different gaming experience that just takes it to the next level. Those availing the Free Xbox Live Gold Codes membership have got even more exciting package to exclusive deals.

Whether you choose Free Xbox Live Gold Codes or any one out of Free Xbox Live Codes, here’s a list of the best online multiplayer games recommended for you so that you don’t waste any more time thinking which one to try out first. Give a read and then download them right away. All of the names mentioned below are handpicked from the vast collection of games in both Xbox 360 and Xbox One libraries.

  • Ark: Survival Evolved

The gameplay is set faraway on a fictitiously strange island called the Ark. Fasten your energy belt and your strength for you will be engaging in a full-throttle combat where you will be taming, killing and even riding some of the wild creatures that roam the land. There will be dinosaurs too.

But aside from the wild encounters, you will also have to think about how you will survive alone. During the period of tenure on the Ark, your focus will be harvesting, hunting, growing crops, researching technologies and even crafting items.

Here’s another surprise, your patience will be put to test. That’s because sooner or later, you will have to put up with other players who will begin to appear on the island.

  • #IDARB

This is 4v4 player system cauldron is made up of both regular and organized chaos. The arena is set in a futuristic arena ball game, where users get to experience highly customizable experience with creating tournaments, teams, characters and even theme music.

As you can understand, this is a ball game and hence the only tools of combat that are available to the player are jump, move, shoot, double-jump, and even the pass option.

Chaotic, fantastic and fun, the #IDARB offers a multiplayer experience that is available on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

  • Limbo

Published by Playdead, Limbo offers users to take control of an unnamed boy who is said to be uncertain of his sister’s fate. The gameplay is set in the midst of a hostile forest and is situated right on the edge of hell. Hence it is called a Limbo. This is where the boy wakes up from his sleep. The player has to guide him through so that he can reach his goal. Beware of the treacherous traps that you would be encountering in the middle of the journey.

This is an eerily beautiful game and you would only realize it when you down it to play.

  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

As a user, you will be seen adapting to the role of Max – a young child who is on a quest to save his brother, who has been kidnapped.

The gameplay here is set on a puzzling platform, where the user will get to encounter plenty of obstacles on your way. Sometimes the encounters can get so much puzzling that you will have to rely on the trail drawn by a marker pen in order to solve the problem. This is said to be a classic performer that will get both the old and the young busy.

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